SiteSurv USA Tax Exempt Customer Program - Terms and Conditions


The SiteSurv USA Tax Exempt Customer Program ("the Program") is offered by SiteSurv USA and is exclusively available to members of qualifying tax-exempt organizations in the United States. By registering for the Program, you confirm that your organization is tax-exempt and agree to adhere to the Program's terms and conditions. Please note that SiteSurv USA is not responsible for your organization's internal policies regarding tax-exempt purchases.

To participate in the SiteSurv USA Tax Exempt Customer Program, registration on our website is mandatory. Resellers, private educational institutions, and public educational institutions must have a valid account before joining the Program. A valid email address is essential for Program participation, and we will communicate with you through email.

To qualify, you must provide a valid sales tax exemption certificate or other documentation as required by the relevant tax authority. SiteSurv USA reserves the right to review and reject any invalid documentation at its sole discretion.

Employees and Discounts:
Employees of SiteSurv USA and those eligible for employee-based discounts cannot participate in the Program, unless they are purchasing as a qualifying non-resident, Native American, or Oklahoma disabled veteran. Employees may also participate if they have a separate affiliation with a qualifying tax-exempt organization and the employee-based discount is not used in the same transaction.

With your Account, eligible products or services can be purchased at SiteSurv USA without sales tax being calculated (subject to local taxing jurisdiction's regulations). If your Account has expired at the time of purchase, sales tax will be charged. To reactivate your Account, you can sign in to your profile on SiteSurv USA's website and upload a new valid exemption certificate(s).

Non-Qualifying Items:
Certain goods or services may not be eligible for tax-exempt purchases with the Account, as specified by the relevant tax jurisdiction. Federal Government Account holders will be required to pay for their purchases using a designated government credit card. Using an Account associated with a tax-exempt organization for a tax-exempt purchase indicates that the purchase is made on behalf of the organization using organization funds.

Cancellation, Modification, Expiration, and Termination:
You can cancel your Account at any time by notifying SiteSurv USA via email at The cancellation process may take up to 5 business days to complete. SiteSurv USA reserves the right to terminate or modify the Program rules at any time. Accounts may expire periodically based on the tax jurisdiction(s) in which your organization is registered.

Member Communications:
For information about your Account, visit your Account Status on the website. You can also contact us by mail at: SiteSurv USA, P.O. Box 1234, Your City, State, Zip Code, Attn: Tax Dept. – Tax Exempt Customer Program.

General Program Information:
By joining the Program, you consent to receive advertising, marketing materials, and other communications from SiteSurv USA. All trademarks and logos used in the Program belong to SiteSurv USA and its affiliated companies.

Privacy Policy:
The information you provide as a member of the Program will be handled according to SiteSurv USA's Privacy Policy. For more details about our privacy practices, please contact SiteSurv USA at 786-300-1874 or visit our website at

Membership rules are subject to applicable laws. Sales taxes will be applied as required by law.